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  • Sept 20-27, 2020


The Paris Short Film Festival is restarting in 2020 and it will be a European hotspot for showcasing innovative cinema and new trends in short filmmaking. This year’s PSFF looks forward to screening a broad range of genres by international directors, and bringing the best of fresh filmmaking to film-loving Paris audiences.

The Paris Short Film Festival discovers, supports and develops new talent in filmmaking, providing a platform for emerging and established filmmakers from around the world. Recognizing the important role independent films have in the history of filmmaking, storytelling, and culture, PSFF wants to help empower the next generation of artists. The Paris Short Film Festival is an annual event showcasing independent films with an edge.

PSFF will run 20 – 27 September 2020, at the Les Voûtes experimental Cinema in downtown Paris.

Festival Director: Richard Dailey
Community Manager: Ella Martin-Gachot
Contact us on:

All screenings will take place at Les Voûtes, located on 19 Rue des Frigos, 75013 Paris, France on Sept 20 to 27, 2020. The Paris Short Film Festival welcomes short film submissions from around the world via FilmFreeway.



The Paris Short Film Festival accepts short films in all forms and genres: drama, experimental, comedy, horror, slow cinema, sci fi, fantasy, animation, documentary, ... Go to our Filmfreeway listing to enter your film.



The 2020 PSFF official selection will be announced on Sept 5, 2020. The official selection films will be screened on Sept 20-27 at Les Voûtes Cinema in downtown Paris.

Award Categories

Best Short Film
Best Short Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Best Horror Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best LGBT Short Film
Best Comedy Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Music Video

Festival 2020

2020 Schedule

Sept 20 - 27

PSFF will run September 20th-27th on Eventive: Buy tickets here

Block 1: Shorts
Small Dancing Particles by Christina Stroeh
Mimi Says No by Yih-Fen Chou
Highland Home by Dan Schaefer
Best Friends by Craig Talbot
A Girl And A Gun by P.E.Joubert
#keepdistance by Roman Gonther

Block 2: Shorts
Trying To Stay Light by Philip Lee Harvey
Positivme by Minjoo Kim
Christopher Nolan Is God by Javier Alegre
Firewall by Mark Calderbank
Keep Me by Matthew Mirliani, Cesar Castillo
Chopsticks by J. Basil
Winter Garden by Mustafa Deniz
Red Dunes by Dalia Glazman

Block 3: Shorts
Tower Of Glass by Manuel Noguiera
Mitch Ferrada-Before by Andres Merlos
Life Is A Twi-Way Dream - Eallin Lea Guovttesuorat Niehku by Gjert Rognli
Managed Chaos by Amanda de Godoi
Three Queens by William Elder Groebe
The Perfect Part by Beaty Reynolds
One Year of Khadijah and Pauline by Lee Manansala

Block 4: Documentaries
Erena...Our Eritrea by Aymeric Nicolet, Ellie Hodgetts
Fédora by Véronique Eshaya
River Plants by Daniel Ocampo Rincón
Quân 13 by Hieu Gray
You Hide Me by Nii Kwate Owoo

Block 5: Sci-Fi
Intergalactic Chronicles by Kenneth Castillo
(Dys)Functional by Adam Nowak
Deus Otiosus (The Idle God) by Mat Braddy
A Week With Rebecca by Marcus Shenn

Block 6: Horror
The Girl at the Window by Des Kennedy
Beckoned by Richard Zelniker
Sweet Erebus by Jaanelle Yee
Tillie by Olivia Anton

Block 7: Shorts
Story About Viruses by Leon Karwowski, Roch Karwowski, Mia Karwowska, Tymon Karwowski
Wear Your Emotions by Masaya Matsui
Margaritas at Midnight by Aliss Terrell
Death and the Maiden by Joal Taylor
Cookaphony by Joe Chvala
The Final Exam by Beth Wishart MacKenzie (Female), Tobias Nicholas
House of La Reine by Lisa Marie Tedesco
A Tea Party for Sad People by Michael McLennan

Block 8: Shorts
Traveling by Paul Bland
Unfair Game by Andre Semenza
Twin Trees by Emmanuel Ollivier
Wild Eyes by Nina Prange
Pyramids by Eve McConnachie
What We May Be by Lousie Flory
Egg on Your Face by Joshua Parkhill
Blue Unnatural by Marco Bolognesi


Festival 2018

Award Winners 2018

Best Short Film
Entre Deux Eaux – Patrice Cordonnier

Best Short Short Film
Unexpected Discoveries – James Mabery

Best Experimental Short Film
Hailstorm – Carolyn Downie

Best Horror Short Film
The Snake the Ape and the Apple – Daniel Crawford

Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Blink – Benjamin Anderson

Best Animated Short Film
Planet Tobler – Aran Quinn

Best LGBT Short Film
A Space for Growth (and Cuts) – Maritza Navarro

Best Comedy Short Film
La Paix Intérieure – Cloé Bailly

Best Short Documentary
Scouting For Light – Coline Morand

Best Music Video
Go To Sleep – Lucie Moreau, Raphaël Treiner

2018 Schedule

May 9th

Go To Sleep (Lucie Moreau, Raphaël Treiner)
In Confidence (Clara Vorfeld)
Deep Is The Water, High Is The Sky (Pauline Koehorst)
Carma (Olivier P. Philippe)
Bridge (Niels Bourgonje)
Luscious (Xuecheng Xu)
All That Roams Below (Fabien Legeron, Estelle Faye)

Entre-Retiens (Beraat Gokkus)
A Space for Growth (and Cuts) (Maritza Navarro, Devon Thompson)
Amber (Gabriel Mirété)
Muscle Memory (Flo Miles)
L’Etui Rouge (Loran Perrin)
The Next is Yet to Come (Ira Schneider)

Only Me To Know (Evy De Ceur)
Unexpected Discoveries (James Mabery)
Tour de Force (Sam Ely)
Twice as bad/ Chevre ou Vache (Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller)
Dance In Peace (Massimo Moretto Biancoleone) (Saturno 9)
Gris Brut (Damien Lamy)
Dramonasc (Olivier Bohler, Celine Gailleurd)

May 10th

Slowplay (Thomas Gailhard)
Skai Blue (Guido Verelst)
Ma Madeleine (Thien Nguyen)
Comme Les Roses (K. S. McMullen)
Entre Deux Eaux (Patrice Cordonnier)

20:00: Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Experimental Block
S-HER (Izzy Vaughan, Vic Vaughan, Amy Simmons)
Homesick Ghost (David Linnz)
Blink (Benjamin Anderson)
Real Connection (Thierry Denis)
Out of Our Arms (Jarred Keane)
Arsène (Guillaume Letellier)
The Snake the Ape and the Apple (Daniel Crawford)
Everything is Upstream (Martin Ponferrada)
By Blood (Guillaume Enard, Jonathan Delerue)

22:00: Horror Block
Watch Out (Shariff Nasr)
Popsy (Julien Homsy)
Round-Trip (Victor Cesca)
Reptilian Calculations (Frank Zirbel)
Just After Midnight (Jean-Raymond Garcia, Anne-Marie Puga)

May 11th

High (Kristina Teschner)
Dreams of Giverny (Alice Pennefather)
Désir Pastel (Mathieu Rivolier)
Jueves (John Anthony Flavin)
What We Are Talking About (Luca Di Molfetta)
Mon Poussin (Jeremie Seguin)

Rotation (Alberto Martín-Aragón)
Among Sorrows and Songs (Andy Motz)
Man-Sharing (Michele Bizzi)
Hailstorm (Carolyn Downie)
Planet Tobler (Aran Quinn)
Actors Of His Life (Triquenot Maxime)

Doll (Salvatore Leonardi)
This is How I Spend My Time (Annie Poon)
Locked Outside (Ross Richardson)
Photo Bomb (François Uzan)
Scouting For Light (Coline Morand)
Huerta de San Vicente (Patricia Vonne)
The Brothers (Kristen Mikkelson)
La Voûte (Leïla Gentet)

May 12th

Jia (Hugo Lafitte, Raphaël Bouchez)
The Road to Motherhood (Sofie Peeters)
Vote For Me: Italy’s Migrant Crisis Fuels Election Campaign (Claudio Lavanga)
The Oracle (Nan Feix)
One Over Many (Daphné Bengoa)

Zoe+Ari (Rachael Meyers)
Laughing Branches (Missy Malek)
DNA Of Wild Beasts (Delphine Montaigne)
La Paix Intérieure / BUS N (Cloé Bailly)
Les Artisans de l’Art – 2ème Portrait: Jean-Pierre Maury (Grégory Papinutto)

Selena (Pierre Roy)
Nymphette (Marijose Sapina)
The Arena (Jennifer May Reiland)
Denmark (Max Mauroux)
Pjesma Sela Rude (The Song of the Village Ruda) (Riccardo Jurkovic, Leonhard Hofmann)


Festival 2017

2017 Award Winners

Best Short Film
Lucia (Emil Kahr)

Best Short Short Film
The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)

Best Experimental Short Film
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)

Best Short Documentary
The Voice of a Million Times One (Marijn Poels)

Best Horror Short Film
Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)

Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)

Best Comedy Short Film
Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)

Best Music Video
So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)

Schedule 2017

Wednesday 3rd May


The Greener Side (Yoyo the Ricecorpse)
Suitcase (Igor Gavva)
More or Less Related Incidents in Recent History (Ira Schneider)
Don’t Burn The Breakfast (Daisy Stenham)
Lucia (Emil Kahr)
We Three (Rosie Toner)
Iridescence (Eileen Byrne)


Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Barbara Palvin In ASMR (Tn’T: Tarik Malak, Timothy Douglas)
The First Farewell (Jean-Briac Blouin)
Pura (Hasta la Sepoltura) (Pura: Until The Grave) (Alejandro Lobo León)
Kanthari, Change from Within (Marijn Poels)


Invisible Man (Jan Nord)
So Close (Agnieszka Jankowska)
The Oracle (Nan Feix)
The Package (Pratomo Waskito Dewo)
In Everyone’s Eyes (En Todas Las Miradas) (Lloyd Frost)
Across Antarctica (Jérémie Gicquel, Stéphanie Gicquel)

Thursday 4th May


Rubicon (Ian Boisvert)
Jasmin (Silvio Buchmeier)
Born of Stone (Emilio Bellu)
Breakfast of Champions (Beraat Gökkuş)
Into The Ground (David Tuil)
Slow Sea (Sean Finley)
The Unpainted Woman (Kathy Rose)
Les Cloys (Julia Hechler)


Regardez (Eros Vlahos)
The Voice of 650 Million Times One (Marijn Poels)
Laughing Crying Blues (Benjamin Meade)
A Portrait of Rafel Delalande (Valentin Petit)
Sans le Kosovo (Dea Gjinovci)


Jean Seberg (Alexandra Helgerson)
Rip It Up (Harvey Cash)
Confection (Clare Fisher)
Lucky Chicken (Gulliver Moore)
Mausoleum (Lauri Randla)

Friday 5th May


The Happy Genius (Hannah McKibbin)
Hot Stone (Shannon Ellison)
Journey (Amy Clarkson)
02H20 (Romain Coindet, Sylvain Giannetto)
The Nordic Sound (Christian Holm Glad)
The Citizens of the Magic Lands (Eunseon Lee-Segay)


Wraps (Frank Tamburin)
For One (Mathieu Rivolier)
TSHL Project Rush – Tom Sawyer (cover by Delayne Martin) (Homer Liwag)
En Visant La Lune (Julien Hassid)
Are You Happy (Paolo Cedolin Petrini)
Skin Of The Night (Alexandre Ubeda)

10.00pm: Sci-Fi/Horror Night

Homes of Hope (Junaid Syed)
Mission: Apo11o (Daniel Jenny)
The Drone Master (Sebastien Duhem)
Hystera (William Sterling)
Up’Life (Julie Defrance)
Sleepwalker (Julie Defrance)
Fresh Blood (Richa Rudola)
The Alsace Axe Massacre (Hervé Freiburger)

Saturday 6th May


Doll’s House (Jim Greayer)
Lost Angel Less (Kantarama Gahigiri)
Close Your Eyes (Crepel Marion)
Honeymoon (Anaëlle Morf)
Dying For A Laugh (Stig Wemyss)
Imperative Shift (Yoko Kubota)
Stop Us (This Is Felo)

Mind and Galaxy (Ion Soteropoulos)
Sthir (Anna Ador)
A Magician (Max Blustin)
The Power of Citizen Leadership (Flore Dussey)
Southern Edge of the Cloud (Alon Chan)


Grandpa, Will You Come To My Birthday Again Next Year? (Gerhardus Potijk)
Repeat Until (Abbie Lucas)
Until The End (William Eguienta)
Moche(s) (Mickaël Cohen)
Little Party Queen (Band: Next Is Best) (Etienne Fu-Le Saulnier)
My Little Older Brother (Iris Hogendoorn)
Custom Love (David Ruby)
Images Of A Crossed Out Blue Sky (Romain Descours)


Festival 2016

2016 Award Winners

Best Short Film
XYZ, The City Hunter (Majin Tikal)

Best Short Short Film
La Chance (Simona Ghizzoni, Livia Regali)

Best Experimental Short Film
Chase Me (Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud)

Best Short Documentary
Artisans Art, First Portait: Jean-Marc Laroche (Grégory Papinutto)

Best Horror Short Film
A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky (Quarxx)

Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Wormhole (Or, Einstein-Rosen Variations, She Said) (Karl Bryhn)

Best Comedy Short Film
Once Upon A Dream (Anthony Nion)

Best Music Video
Fade Away (Ben Kirschenbaum)

2016 Schedule

Thursday 5th May

Mon Père Est Un Oiseau (Lucie Pagès)
Reverence: The Monarch Project (Jean-Nicolas Orhon)
Ready to Kill: Attitude Problem (Darius Stevens Wilhere)
Light Handling (Pascale Bodet)
Haramist (Antoine Desrosières)

Union Libre… (Raffaele Salis)
The Path of Querrien (Anita Doron)
Once Upon A Dream (Anthony Nion)
Connected (Anoushka Ravanshad)
The Peephole (Mao Jiang)
One Night At My Mother’s (Miao Zhang)
Beauty, Balance and Grace (Reuben Hernandez)

Friday 6th May

Fade Away (Ben Kirschenbaum)
Nobody, Not Even The Rain (Claudia Bortolino)
Lightness (Mihai Tranca)
No News From Home (Patrick Zocco)
Rabbit Therapy (Bernd Bücker)
Les Intrépides (Alex Moreu)
La Chance (Simona Ghizzoni, Livia Regali)

10pm: Horror and Sci-Fi Night
Kitchen (Steve Duchesne)
A Film By Vera Vaughn (Sorrel Brae)
Wormhole (Or, Einstein-Rosen Variations, She Said) (Karl Bryhn)
Delectation (Jonas Perrin)
Ideal (Kevan Tucker)
Ozone (Branko Sujic)
Observation (Alexandre Laugier)

Saturday 7th May

Dionysus & Apollo (Grace Gao)
Life Is A Dance, Create Your Own Rhythm (Ben Zion)
Artisans Art, First Portait: Jean-Marc Laroche (Grégory Papinutto)
A Nearly Perfect Blue Sky (Quarxx)
7 Years Before (Maged Mohamed)
Chase Me (Gilles-Alexandre Deschaud)

The Abyss (Charlotte Erlih)
Lord (Juliette Bertoldo)
Minus One (Alexander Tuschinski, Jennifer Pakosch, Julia Kästle)
I Come In Pieces (Mikael Vecchio)
Feeling Real (Jeremy Josselin)
M (Paul Metro)
Ouroboros (Henry Boffin)
My Father’s Eyes (Anne Walaszek)

Sunday 8th May

Trip in Paris (Bianca Mina)
Paris Trance (Patricia Vonne)
Coven (Saray Blades)
Le Poirier (Melody Banquet)
Première Fois (Arthur & Ylane)
Hide & Seek (Kimie Tanaka)
Does She? (Eric Buisson)
XYZ, The City Hunter (Majin Tikal)
Day Job (Ralph Bismargi)

Close Your Eyes (Portenart Gerald)
Atlantis Immobilien (Yatri Niehaus)
Shadows of Waste (Holly Adams)
The Dream Of Bottom (David Mandineau)
Magic World (Pierre André Marion)
Jeux de Grands (Celine Gaudry)
Pêcheur Du Tarn (Pascal Gaubert)
Only She Knows (Mathieu Leborgne)


Festival 2015

2015 Award Winners

Best Short Film
The Great Chicken Exodus (Sonia Larue)

Best Short Short Film
A Schneider Trilogy (Ira Schneider)

Best Experimental Short Film
Metamorphosis (Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier)

Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short Film
Cetaphobia (Erin Coates, Anna Nazzari)

Best Comedy Short Film
Fanette (Sebastien Chamaillard)

Best Short Documentary
Sun Village (Zoey Lee)

Best Music Video
SinfonicaMENTE (Marco Bonfante)


The Paris Short Film Festival 2015 ran May 7-10, in Room 1 of the arthouse cinema Reflet Medicis, 3 Rue Champollion in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

2015 Schedule

Thursday, 7th May


Thunder (Amaro Shake), 6m
The Lord Of Catan (Stuart Paul), 13m
Continuum (Natalianne Boucher), 9m
Sun Village (Zoey Lee), 12m
Corto (Alexis de Vigan), 9m
Don’t (Fermín Cimadevilla), 4m
Sing The Sand Into Pearls (Raquel Claudino), 13m
Prinsesa (Drew Stephens), 12m


In The Pines (Olya Tsoraeva), 4m
The Way Of The Dodo (Liam Saint-Pierre), 7m
From Scratch (Thomas Keumurian), 40m
Bohem, Bohem… (Eloi Du Bois), 10m
I Know (Bianca Chanial), 6m
A Schneider Trilogy (Ira Schneider), 7m

Friday, 8th May


N’sibi (Belaïd Hassene), 22m
The Anklet (Guillaume Levil), 12m
The Forgiven (François Chang), 15m
Miss You (Nathan Ambrosioni), 18m
Kurokawa Wonderland (Yasuhiro Tamura), 7m

10pm: Sci-Fi/Horror Night

Duality (Daniel Ruczko), 12m
Cetaphobia (Erin Coates, Anna Nazzari), 13m
Noct (Vincent Toujas), 15m
Blattaria (Thomas Pantalacci), 23m
Feeling Like Erich (Aviv Kosloff), 5m

Saturday, 9th May


See Me Now (Glen MacKay), 13m
Le Passage (Mischa Harmeijer), 11m
Lapsus (Karim Ouaret), 30m
A Man Wakes Up (Voki Kalfayan), 14m
Fanette (Sebastien Chamaillard), 14m


Nuvole (Pietro Freddi), 12m
SinfonicaMENTE (Marco Bonfante), 3m
Happy Face (Marc Juvé), 17m
Summer of Tom (David Lueza), 28m
Metamorphosis (Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier), 15m

Sunday, 10th May


Steam Dream (Mischa Cantu), 19m
Dapayk And Padberg: Layers (Christophe Chudy), 5m
Together in Silence (Bruno Gaget), 10m
Far Piece (SeungMin Cho), 6m
Borders (Ali Esmili, Claire Cahen), 13m
Mystery Skulls – “Magic” (Thomas Vernay), 4m
Les Papillons Noirs (Antoine Blanchet), 17m


BANG (Lotfaï, Bertrand Ploquin), 4m
William Wilson (Emmanuel Ollivier), 14m
Returning Home (Thomas Wood), 13m
Rabeaan Mar Min Huna (Eva Daoud), 7m
The Great Chicken Exodus (Sonia Larue), 40m



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